We LOVE to Judge..how to find Inner Peace

How often do you find yourself consumed in thought, trying to understand a friend or co-worker’s bad behavior? It starts with dis-belief, moves to being offended and then the final moment when you are royally pissed off! (anger)


In yoga we examine Prakriti: chains of thoughts and emotions.

We are all familiar with the process by which our quiet mind gets triggered causing chains of thoughts to emerge from that triggering, and to then further emerge into actions and speech. Each of these is a process of one level of functioning evolving out of the previous, while each of those levels still exists on its own. Escalating.

Yoga has been described as a process of realizing the direct experience of consciousness as independent of all levels of false identity (manifestations of Prakriti).

So let’s apply this to the first event, someone else’s bad behavior.

As you relate to people, bring your awareness to the fact that the forces that motivate them and drive their choices differ from your own. Reverse the process back to your mind in its quiet state and open your heart.

Since we sometimes forget that people are imperfect, apt to make errors in judgment, and forever growing as individuals, we tend to hold others to impossibly high standards.

Your willingness to give a second chance and love people despite their mistakes is a testament to your ability to recognize an individual’s value and separate it from instances of their negative behavior or erroneous choices.

This compassionate and realistic approach to the relationships in our lives, even to a stranger, will ensure that others treat you with the same kindhearted tolerance you have shown them. And most of all, you will feel good about they way you have reacted creating a greater inner peace for yourself.

Seeing actions separate from the physical being and inner soul of that other person, creates the platform for your physical being, inner soul, to perform at its highest level which is an open heart, an open mind, letting love flow through you.

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