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Yoga Fitness Therapeutics – Private Sessions

This work is your work and I am the guide.  I will assess, develop and coach you on a individualized program.  This is a two way working relationship, the more we communicate the more I learn about what you are feeling and what your goals are, the more I can develop your program.

This is a commitment to yourself.  It requires dedication, discipline, and consistency.

This is a daily commitment when we are not together.  It takes time to retrain, rebalance and rebuild.  You will see and feel the affects of the work promptly and it is surprising how quickly the body can respond.  For this reason I book eight (8) week sessions.  This gets you committed to your program and your progress.  It gives us enough time to make a change and have that change affect your body/mind.  I have found life can pull us away from taking care of ourselves, we easily let our health and well-being become neglected.

I will work from my studio location or travel to your location (in some circumstances).

I make a commitment to you and your progress.

Here’s what we will do together:

1. Start where you are. Every “body” is different. Alignment, strength and flexibility will be assessed. Each session will be individualized focusing on the areas you want to improve and on the areas that need improvement. Instruction will be based on a thorough discussion and evaluation.

2. Proceed as you will. Improving each area concerning alignment, strength and flexibility will proceed at your pace. Home practice is strongly encouraged. Sessions will be structured to your individual needs.

3. How many times a week or month. This is based on your progress. Neuromuscular retraining, postural alignment, strength and flexibility training require a personal commitment. I make my commitment to assist you in this journey, but you are the captain of the ship.

4. What to wear. Clothing that will move in all directions. Not too tight, yet not so loose it falls away from your body. Remember we will move in many directions and you don’t want your clothing to prohibit movement or to make you self-conscious. I will be working with you in many positions so keep this in mind when selecting your attire.

5. Session length. Most sessions will be approximately 60 minutes in length. Plan to be dressed and ready to begin at the start time. We will discuss how you feel that day and which areas you wish to work on.

6. Enjoy. This is not a competition. There is not a measurement of perfect execution. The importance of the posture is to serve the body systems so it is about how you feel, not how it looks.

Private Instruction-In Studio or On Site Mobile.  Call for a Free Consultation.

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