Back Pain from Double Fusion

Early this year, I had a spinal laminectomy with double fusion on L4 and L5. The recovery was very slow and the pain was always present. After trying physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, walking and swimming for months, I could barely measure improvements and the pain was always present. Five weeks ago, I retained the services of Lynn Barclay. I had never practiced any kind of yoga but her credentials gave me confidence that she could help me.
I work with Lynn twice a week. The program is personalized and designed to help me recover from my surgery while building up my strength. I have progressed faster in the last 5 weeks than I had in the six months prior to the beginning of this program.
I would highly recommend Lynn as a yoga instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to back pain and will design a program that will help relieve pain and regain function. I can’t thank her enough! ¬†Jacque, 68 ¬†Laguna Niguel

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