Yoga and Back Surgery/Pain

“I have been going to Lynn for yoga lessons to help me recover from spinal fusion surgery. I had spent months in physical therapy, primarily doing Pilates, but still experienced considerable pain and stiffness due to sitting long hours for business reasons.

I have had a great improvement in my flexibility and it significantly decreased my pain levels. I noticed this immediately and it has improved consistently over the past weeks.

What sets Yoga apart in general, and Lynn’s technique specifically, is that she consistently takes into consideration my individual needs; she researches areas of concern based on what she learns from prior sessions, and adjusts future sessions accordingly.

She is a dedicated professional who enjoys seeing progress and is always encouraging me, to assure that the natural frustration that crops up from time to time, is alleviated.

In addition, I expect that Yoga will be a part of my life from here on and I wish that I had been involved for the past 20 years. In short, I highly recommend her.”

Michael, age 58

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