Yoga and Scoliosis Pain

As an employer myself, I am always looking to hire those people in the top 5% of their given profession who bring something special, extra value if you will that’s not included in a job description.
Lynn Barclay is right there at the top.
My year and a half of study and experience under Lynn as a Yoga instructor and Yoga Program Coordinator at Summerlin LifeTime Athletic is that without a doubt she is technically proficient and competent. Lynn is definitely well rounded in the many facets of Yoga including Yoga as physical therapy.
When I first started with Lynn I was in serious pain caused by scoliosis of the lower spine. I was taking some heavy-duty pain medication at the time and was concerned about the possibility of addiction. I remember being scared and feeling vulnerable at the time and I needed someone who understood my problem (Lynn too has back issues) that I could trust.
Could I do much at first? No! But with Lynn’s coaching and instruction, within three months I was off of the pain medication entirely. Further I stood up noticeably straighter, got back in touch with my body, and saw definite improvement to my gait. My friends were amazed at the change, but no more so than I was. Talk about being grateful. Today, Yoga is part of my everyday life and I attribute much of that to Lynn. The transformation continues to this day.
What is also great about Lynn is that she is keenly aware and attentive to the finer details, those subtle nuances that enhance her student’s overall yoga experience in her classes. I won’t say that initially the classes weren’t a struggle, but I credit Lynn’s teaching style with keeping me on track and coming back.
And Lynn is always in “yoga learning mode” going off to various Yoga workshops. I thoroughly enjoyed her classes once she returned because she would share and incorporate her newly acquired knowledge into her classes so that they were fresh, interesting and extra fun.
Know too that Lynn’s Yoga classes at Summerlin Life Time Athletic were always well attended with a long list of “Lynn devotees” participating.
Simply said, Lynn Barclay is one of those “stars” I look for when hiring people. As her former students, my husband and I both highly, highly recommend Lynn. Carol (69) Las Vegas

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