Yoga and Stroke

I suffered a massive stroke April 2010 and was wheelchair bound for 5 months with left-side paralysis.

Once I accepted the Kindle as a tool for anyone not just handicapped I researched how to deal with my unknown journey. All along I set doable goals.

I read inspiring and informative books. I refused to accept the limitations being fed to me by the medical field.

Through my reading and research I discovered acupuncture and yoga is recommended for healing.

In August 2012 my Medicare ran out and I was blessed to find Lynn at the Barbara Greenspun Woman’s Center. I met Lynn in the yoga class September 2012. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I was amazed that Lynn was able to be aware of everyone’s concerns regarding their physical issues. Lynn adapted the class to benefit everyone in the class no matter their physical problems. Initially I was extremely unstable Lynn came and stood behind me reassuring me I could do this. Once I stopped being petrified and started feeling confident with Lynn’s encouraging support, I was able to quite comfortably participate in the class.

I thought it would be beneficial to work with Lynn one on one. I found that this work has definitely improved my stability and my balance. It was a great compliment to the chair class.

Do I know where I will be on this journey next year? To continue my journey and not jump off the train, I reflect on my accomplishments, though I have delayed speech I volunteer at Metro headquarters. This work is so rewarding, I’m not a “stroke patient for 5 hours” and the thank you the public and the police officers say to me is priceless in my recovery. I will never give up. I’m alive for a reason, though I’m not sure quite what that is yet. Every day I wake up is a gift from above so I need to respect that and do the best I can to keep my journey on track.
I know Yoga has improved my balance and that has certainly changed my ability to walk and be more stable. Naomi (67) Las Vegas

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