Yoga Osteoarthritis, Back Pain, Asthma

“Back Pain Sufferers: There is relief! After two years of being at my wits end with chiropractors, pain specialists, orthopedic and sports medicine physicians, not to mention too many medications to try, I finally took matters into my own hands and decided to go down a natural path – throw out the meds, cancel the appointments I discovered a yoga instructor/teacher that works! She is truly amazing!

She works with people of all ages, fit, unfit, and those experiencing back pain and discomfort. I decided to devote two months of focused, dedicated time and effort to yoga. With Lynn’s encouragement, training, and personalized program and instruction, I can honestly say “wow” what a difference it has made! While it has been a significant adjustment to get me out of the gym and deregulate a “gym rat” mentality, it has done wonders for my back, while building core strength and specific weak muscles.

Her yoga program works on muscle strengthening and development. This has also regulated my digestive system, and another benefit, being an asthmatic, I am breathing easier. Lynn puts an individualized plan together that is specific to your needs. She is extremely caring and patient, which sometimes for someone new to this form of exercise, involves the repetitiveness of taking it slow while understanding the breathing techniques, processes, poses and benefits of yoga. I have been able to get a true sense of calmness and inner stillness. I am finally sleeping better, without sleep aids and have experienced more energy daily. 
I highly recommend the individual classes in the beginning to give you a more comprehensive learning of Yoga. You will benefit tremendously from the one-on-one classes in understanding the concept and technique much quicker. The private sessions will prepare you for the group classes and definitely give you an advantage of moving through the poses quicker, effectively, and diligently.

As a single mom I find the individual and group classes very inexpensive and affordable. Lynn is extremely qualified and gracious. She understands the economic times and will structure various programs for you and your needs. I am also thankful from the standpoint of how much money it has saved me in doctor and pharmacy costs!

I look forward to my classes every week. The classes get tougher and the reward is worth it! Plus, Lynn has been able to help modify my gym workout so I can still go and enjoy it too! 
While you may seem skeptical, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am just so excited to share this amazing form of exercise. Everyone and anyone can DO yoga…so don’t be intimidated, get out there and try it. Live a happier, healthier, and pain free life – call her and start on your road to health today!” 
Age 60

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