Yoga over 70 for Men

I am a former Yoga student of Ms. Lynn Barclay at the Life Time Athletic club in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Lynn is not only a phenomenal and knowledgeable teacher and practitioner of Yoga, but she also a marvelous person who truly cares about people. Lynn has expert knowledge about virtually all the schools of Yoga. As such, she is able to tailor a Yoga program to the specific needs of her students. In my case, it was as a “rank beginner” in his low 70s, age-wise. Lynn is very much into a total health and wellness lifestyle, and Yoga is an integral part of that endeavor. Lynn demonstrated the various postures and also recommended to those who might have knee or back issues (as I do), a meaningful alternative. She had great empathy for her students and would walk throughout the room to monitor how everyone was doing and to help those of us who needed assistance. She knew what each of us needed.
Lynn has a delightful and friendly personality. She is always positive: for her, the glass is half full, not half empty. She conveys a genuine joy in her work. From a student’s perspective, her Yoga classes are events that I always looked forward to rather than dreaded, being that I am one who dislikes exercise! Lynn is thoroughly committed to her art and craft, and she truly wants her students to experience the joys of Yoga and the benefits it imparts to a healthy life.
I recommend Lynn Barclay for any kind of work in Yoga. She is also an outstanding choice for any kind of work other than Yoga, for she is a person of knowledge, enthusiasm and good character who would be an outstanding addition for any employer. Jim (70) Las Vegas

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